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                                   HOPE Records

For the 2021-2022 school year, HOPE will introduce a new record keeping program using google sheets.  It will be a simplified system and records families will be able to access their records from our website.

                                                                  More Coming Soon...


                                    Academic Counseling


HOPE offers guidance counseling to all families.  For "new-to-HOPE-Records families", and "records" rising 9th and 12th graders, counseling is mandatory and consists of one-hour either in person or by email.  This is being provided to help make sure your student will graduate on time and with sufficient credits.  For other grades or for non-records students (or those who want additional counseling time), you may contact Deanna Ludlam at She offers HOPE students, whether records or non, her best discounted counseling rate. 

Information gained in academic counseling or through the HOPE website is not be shared outward as it is proprietary to either HOPE or to Deanna Ludlam's small business, but feel free to refer families to her.  Thank you.

Counseling areas include:


Four-Year High School Course Selection

Extra-Curricular, Community Service & Building Leadership 

Dual Credit, CLEP and AP

Aptitude Testing Referral

ACT/SAT and Subject Test Prep Support

The Common Application

University of California (UC)

California State University (CSU)

Academic Resumes

Expert Essay Review and Edits

Admissions and Scholarship Interview Practice

Transcripts Legend and Course Descriptions

Counselor and Tutor Letters of Recommendation

These are for HOPE Members use only while enrolled in HOPE, not to be shared. 

HSRO Homeschool Reporting

Online Instructions

HSRO Course Descriptions

Bible, Religion

HSRO Course Descriptions

Computer Science, Technology

HSRO Course Descriptions

Arts: Fine,

Visual, Performing

HSRO Course Descriptions


High School Planning Chart

"General Education"

High School Planning Chart



High School Graduation Requirements with UC and CSU Comparsion


Consulting Reachout

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