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Lisa Rondou 

                    Administrator and Registrar:

Lynn Collier

                    Administrator and Treasurer:

Christena Mancino 

                    8th Grade Promotion Lead, HOPE Facebook Lead:      

Danielle Jasbon

                    Administrative Assistant of Records:

Suzanne Pivovaroff  

                    Administrative Assistant of Events:

Yvana Hernandez  

                    Prayer Lead:

Toni Lobo 

                    Dance Lead:

Erin Thiemann

                    Lead Photographer for HOPE Dances and School Pictures:

Amber Descalzo 

                    Mom’s Coffee Talk and Family Park Day Lead:

Lisa Bliss

                   Elementary Field Trip Lead:

Stacey Richards

                    Family Yearbook Lead:

Traci Garber

                    Website Lead:


and ASB  

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