HOPE Christian Private School Program





          Our Guests...

If you have been invited to a HOPE approved guest event, please fill out the forms below

and return them 1 week prior to the event.

Guests will not be able to enter event without turning in 3 forms:


                2. STUDENT RULES OF CONDUCT FORM - https://forms.gle/ogtPHbDCmPmKjfZU7

3.  MEDICAL INFORMATION FORM - https://forms.gle/1mrMW2h1QMrAtuyN6

        Forms will not be accepted the day of event.

Please fill out the Student Rules of Conduct and Medical forms using the google form links. Please print the Release of Liability form, then sign and email it as a PDF to lisaregistrar@hopechristianpsp.com


HOPE Dress Code for Formal Dances

GIRLS: Long gowns — Modest necklines/no cleavage. Two piece dresses must not expose the stomach area. Back of dress  must not go below bra strap lines and bras must be worn. Modest, Strapless Gowns, Spaghetti Strap dresses are ok but must follow the above guidelines. Shorter Gowns (no minis): Dresses must reach down to finger tips.  If the dress is above the knee then bike shorts must to be worn under. 


GUYS: Collared shirt and slacks (required), Tux, Suit, Dress coat (optional), Please no jeans, sandals,

flip flops or T-shirts at our formal dances .  

PARENTS and Students: You are responsible for knowing HOPE's dress code before attending any dance. Not adhering to our dress code policy may result in the parent being asked to bring another article of clothing to the dance or removing their student from the dance without a refund. We appreciate your cooperation as we help our teens see that dressing modestly is way of showing love and  consideration to our brothers and sisters in Christ. 


Example #1


No dresses that are too short and too tight, even with bike shorts.

No high slits.

Example #2


No low cut dresses. 

Example #3


If open back, must not be lower than the middle of the back.