H.O.P.E. Christian Community & PSP


The Mission of HOPE Christian PSP is to offer social and educational support to Christian homeschooling families. Through social events and serving opportunities, academic counseling, and administrative accountability, we encourage families to homeschool their children with excellence and to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Our families believe in HOPE's mission to share the love of Jesus and to be a positive contributer to society. As a community, we join together looking for ways to act charitably to those in need.

Graduation Ceremony

The HOPE community is a co-op of Christian families who help plan social activities. We have monthly park days and other family events, elementary field trips and holiday parties, teen and grade level events - including a Winter Formal and Prom, and parent events. We also offer a special 8th grade Promotion ceremony and a Senior Celebration which consists of a year of senior only events, culminating in a beautiful, God glorifying Graduation ceremony. 

Field Trip in Nature
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Kids Playing

In addition to our social events, HOPE families may participate in additional resources we offer. Our Private School Program offers record keeping and academic counseling, work permits, Driver's Ed. certificates, and signatures for dual enrollment forms. HOPE's classes, which take place on Mondays, give our students additional opportunities to build community. 


Founded in 1998, HOPE started when 10 families decided to homeschool their children and share life together. Today, 23 years later, we are grateful to support over 150 wonderful families in Orange County and the surrounding areas. 

                                                             We would love to WELCOME you to the HOPE Community! 

                                                                          Click here to read our statement of faith:



HOPE registration is closed for the 2022-2023 school year.

We will begin taking applications again in spring. Please check back then for the link. 

Questions, please email:
Lisa Rondou, Administrator,  at Lisaregistrar@hopechristianpsp.com

Our Guests....

If you have been invited to a HOPE approved guest event, please fill out the forms below.

Guests will not be able to enter event without turning in 3 forms:


                2. STUDENT RULES OF CONDUCT FORM - https://forms.gle/ogtPHbDCmPmKjfZU7

3.  MEDICAL INFORMATION FORM - https://forms.gle/1mrMW2h1QMrAtuyN6

        Forms will not be accepted the day of event.

Please fill out the Student Rules of Conduct and Medical forms using the google form links. Please print the Release of Liability form, then sign and email it as a PDF to lisaregistrar@hopechristianpsp.com

HOPE's Dress Code for Formal Dances - Click Here 

                                                         P.O. Box 2126, Yorba Linda, Ca. 92885