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HOPE offers four dances per year.  Two informal dances and two formal dances.  All Dances are chaperoned only by HOPE leadership.  Guests may not attend these dances without a completed medical waiver, photo release, and 10 commandments. The number of guests permitted depends on the size of the venue.  

* HOPE reserves the right to deny permission to attend dances.


- Hello Dance is our first informal dance, typically held in October.  Student may invite guests. The venue is less formal and a casual theme is decided by our teen dance committee.  This dance is open to students 7th-12th grades.


- Spring Social is our social/dance/activty for younger teens, typically held in March.  Students may invite guests. The venue is informal and a casual theme . Typically for students 6th-9th This is often more of a social than a dance 


- PROM is the last dance of the year, It is always held in May.  Students are encouraged to invite guests to this dance. Students dress up for this dance. The venue is chosen by HOPE dance leadership and is chosen to fit the theme. Only High School students may attend this dance.

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