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8th Grade Promotion

HOPE Christian PSP 8th Grade Promotion Mission Statement: It is the willingness of HOPE Christian PSP to provide the families of eighth grade students with a classic, semi-formal, Christ-centered promotion event.  The God-honoring ceremony will be distinct, direct, and motivating.  Each student will be given an opportunity to participate in the ceremony according to their giftedness and willingness.  Parents are expected to plan and carry out all the details of the promotion with the approval and support of HOPE Administration.


There is a fee to help cover our facilities rental and other expenses.  This can be  paid directly through Venmo or Paypal as we do all of our HOPE payments this way.  Please be sure to note "8th grade promotion fee" in the comment section of the payment.

8th grade students also participle in activities for their class including a night hike and dinner. 


We have a parent planning meeting in early November, place and time TBD. We discuss themes and duties for the promotion. There are various jobs available for both moms and dads.


8th grade students are given a query that is turned into a skit for the ceremony. 

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