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What We Offer......

Eco-Friendly Design

Social Opportunities: 

When families join HOPE, they are joining our social group of events that are organized and chaperoned by HOPE families themselves. We have multiple opportunities to connect throughout the month such as park days, field trips, holiday parties, and teen, family, and parent events. HOPE offers 6-8 events per month including elementary and family events, field trips, and teen events. Our Winter Formal, Prom, 8th grade Promotion, and memorable senior year are especially popular amongst our teens.    

PSP Record Keeping: 

As a private school program, our record keeping and K-12th grade classes are available to all HOPE families, as well as families outside the community. HOPE files a private school affidavit with the State of California as an option for our families. We help families input state required information into our record keeping system and we remind them of record due dates throughout the year.  HOPE also creates attendance sheets, report cards, high school transcripts, and high school diplomas for our families. Hard copies are added to each student's file and electronic copies are saved indefinitely. In addition to accountability and security, HOPE provides excellent personal academic counseling. Our academic advisors help families create a successful 4 year high school plan according to each student's strengths. With their years of experience working with students from all schooling backgrounds and their continued research in education, they are experts in their field and a wealth of knowledge pertaining to high school academics and beyond. Driver's education certificates are also included in our records fees, as well as our ability to sign work permits and dual enrollment forms. 


Class Program:  

As a resource for our families, HOPE's classes are taught by qualified Christian teachers who have mastery of their subject and a heart to lead their students by the example of Christ. Knowing our teachers personally is of utmost importance because as they teach from a biblical worldview, we know they are living out what they believe. Our vision is three fold: to provide classes that are of academic excellent, taught from a Christian worldview, with opportunities to connect with adults who are experts in their field. K-12th grade classes are available to all HOPE families, as well as families outside the community.  

Work Permits: 

Signatures for work permits are granted to simplify the process for homeschool families.

Driver's Education:   

Driver's education certificates, which allow parents to be their student's driving instructor, are included in our records fees.

Special Admit forms available for dual enrollment.

24/7 Support

Multilingual Functionality

Advanced Tech

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